Well-Crafted Accompaniment

Alex Gould, who we profiled for Case Study 11 about his documentary An Interview with James Jarvis has put together what looks like another great film and another terrific case design. The Organist tells the story of cinema organist Dave Nicholas, who has played along with motion pictures at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Cinema for twenty years, as well as church services for an additional ten years. Here’s the trailer for the film:

And here’s a look at Alex’s packaging for it, beautifully put together using our King cases:


There are lots more shots of the case here on his site.

Thanks a million to Alex for all his fantastic work and here’s hoping similarly attractive packages are being assembled right now in Santa Rosa, Lethbridge, the Bronx, Toronto, East Dulwich, Orlando, Portland, Chelsea, Edina, Laval, Glace Bay, Dundas, Burnaby, Regina, Plano, Bloomfield, Logan, Notre Dame, Salt Lake City, Libertyville, Orem, and Cottonwood Heights.