Well Spent Lab Fees

Most of the time, it’s just business as usual at Jewelboxing. We pack up and send out packs, we answer questions, we update this blog. Pretty routine stuff. But when we get a fantastic e-mail like this one from Kate Bingaman, telling us how much she and her students enjoyed the system, it makes everything we do seem so very worthwhile:

“I ordered 25 Jewelboxing cases last semester for my Typography One class at Mississippi State (I am a new Assistant Professor here and wanted to do something fun and different for a project). I had everyone pick a song and then illustrate the lyrics. We then compiled all of the 16 songs onto a mix cd and designed a Jewelboxing case for each of their songs. THEY LOVED IT! Several of them said it was the best project that they had ever done, and that they never felt like their lab fees had been used for anything cool until now. I loved it because they were excited, they learned about working with templates, and because the cds they created were so so funny and unusual. I mean, the tracks ranged from Kenny Chesney to Oukast. It was so random and strange. Kind of like that class.

I also had one student who broke her case and in a state of panic contacted a super kind member of the Jewelboxing crew who OVERNIGHTED her a new free case, saving her butt in the process. So thanks thanks thanks for that as well.”

Here’s a sampling of some of their great work.

We’re giving exceptionally positive semester evaluations to those in Portage, Santa Monica, Canton, San Jose, Jefferson City, Carrollton, Culver City, Strongsville, Middleton, Gaithersburg, Salt Lake City, St. Charles, Brooklyn, Coral Gables, and Lakewood.