Well Taught

Phillip Chee, whose work we’ve featured before on two occasions over the past couple of years, is back at it, impressing us again. Previously, he’d used Jewelboxing to make his own soundtrack album for a film that never saw one released and packaging collections of his photography. Now he’s apparently passing on his well-honed casing skills, as we see in his latest Flickr post of his daughter’s first design, a mix disc of her own, using our King cases. And judging from the song selection, listed on the back cover, it looks as though Phillip is also passing along a great taste in music.

A big thanks to Phillip and his daughter for posting their great work and here’s to hope the mix discs are looking and sounding just as great in Tuscaloosa, Imperial, Santa Monica, Spokane, Winter Park, Ft. Smith, Durango, South Pasadena, Downey, Kansas City, Bozeman, Farmington Hills, Flower Mound, Berkeley, London, West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Littleton, Tacoma, Oakland, Oslo, and Honolulu.