We’re Being Completely Open With You

Outside of the tech world, we’ve been hearing more and more buzz about open source media and technologies. For example, on Monday’s “Morning Edition,” NPR ran this story about the Brazilian government choosing open source, Linux-based machines over those running Microsoft Windows. No doubt you’ve also heard the buzz about the cool open source Firefox browser. And what about Archive.Org, filled to the brim with copyright-free media?

Well, we here at Jewelboxing don’t want to miss the boat on all of this. We don’t have a programming division quite yet, so we can’t offer you a hot new operating system or browser, but media we can do. That said, we’re making the following available as an open source file. Do with it as you see fit. Feel free to pass it around to every single person you know. In fact, we’d encourage it.

Open Source Jewelboxing Media

Our hearts are completely open to those in Edmond, Portland, New York, Mentor, Wien, Minneapolis, Bonita Springs, Los Angeles, Germantown, Arlington, Lake Mary, Omaha, Baldwin Harbor, Yonkers, Arden, Chicago, and Philadelphia.