What Are We Jewelboxing: Day Four

Well, it’s been a good run, but we’ve finally reached the end of the week and that means the end of our “What Are We Jewelboxing?” series as well. After today, we’ll get back to ideas about what to do with Jewelboxing and highlighting the terrific work that comes our way. And who knows, maybe we’ll run into another week here at the studio where it seems like everyone is working on printing and packaging all at the same time and we can start it up all over again. But for now, here’s the last, from Steve:

“Back in early July, I went out to a friend’s wedding outside of Booneville, California, in the northern part of the state. The bride knew I was something of a film guy, so she asked me to shoot the wedding video. But she demanded that it be something unique and, preferably, funny and strange. She sent me two DVDs a few weeks before the wedding: ‘The Five Obstructions’ and ‘Wirthnal and I’, and said, ‘I like these movies. Can you do something like this?’ After watching them, basking in their weirdness, I knew this was the job for me. So I went out there, had a blast and shot the wedding like a typical wedding videographer. When I got back, I had the idea to edit it as something mildly-normal, but to incorporate a very unreliable narrator who was never sure what was going on or was clearly making things up. Here’s the finished product. In addition to the video, I also wanted the packaging to be really something unique, so of course I used Jewelboxing. I designed the case by creating this facade that this was a disc from a company that specialized in making nothing but wedding videos for the couple, Brooke and Jeffrey. Here’s what it said inside the cover flap:

‘As a consumer, we know that you have countless choices among the other videos of this wedding currently available. You have, no doubt, obtained a copy of our product because you are aware that only this video has been authorized by both the bride and groom for national distribution. Our company was approached to create this product due to our long-standing relationship with their organization and the quality of our work in prior Brooke and Jeffrey weddings (“Brooke and Jeffrey’s Wedding 1998″ was the recipient of three Emmys). It is because of this valued relationship and our commitment to excellence within the Brooke and Jeffrey wedding video industry, that our audience receives a wedding video experience unlike any other. From the crisp, clean, high-resolution video images to the sparkling fidelity of the stereo mix, watching this, or any of the wide assortment of titles in our Brooke and Jeffrey series, gives one the sensation of attending their special celebrations, but without the expense and burden of travel. We hope you will enjoy this wedding video and return to us soon for more exciting Brooke and Jeffrey wedding video releases.'”

We’re more than happy to shoot any and all of the many happy weddings sure to be occurring soon involving the very attractive people in New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Greenwood Village, Saint Louis, Prunedale, Glendale, San Francisco, Virginia Beach, Seattle, Ardmore, Cincinnati, Washington, Woodland Hills, Toronto, Chula Vista, Coral Gables and Lafayette.