What Are We Jewelboxing: Day One

Last week it seemed like a lot of us here at the studio were working on our own projects that involved using Jewelboxing. There were a couple of weddings, a top secret Coudal project for a big client, and a little bit of self-promotion. If you’d stopped by at any point last week, you’d have most likely seen someone involved in either printing out templates, folding and tearing, or burning discs. And because of all this internal useage, we’ve decided to make this week a “What Are We Jewelboxing?” series. First up, Jake Walker and his wedding album:

“It’s a little intimidating, working around a bunch of designers all day and taking on your own design project. When one of my best friends asked me to help with his wedding favors, though, I did just that.  Alex asked me to help him put together a wedding favor CD with some of his and his new bride’s favorite songs, dedications, and songs from the wedding.  So I bought a hundred Standard cases, got the templates, and had at it.  Really, the project took less time than I thought it would, and the results were fantastic.  I printed everything out, and even took the advice of an earlier blog entry and put some rice in the gap between the CD tray and the edge of the case. Everyone at the wedding marveled at the gift. Occasionally, I was even acknowledged and given credit for all my hard work (and that’s what it really was all about — wasn’t it?) So, if you’re like me, have a friend who is getting married, and will otherwise have a hard time not getting at least some attention during the weekend, volunteer to handle their wedding favors and you’re insecurities can stay on the shelf for another day.”

There is not a single bit of insecurity to be found among those in Pekin, Allston, Madison, Plano, Los Angeles, Austin, Mesa, Sun Prairie, Rockwall, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Atlanta, Kitchener, South Barrington, Sicklerville, New York, Santa Monica, Broadstone, Waterford, Laguna Hills, and Oxnard.