What Are We Jewelboxing: Day Three

We’ve reached day three of our “What Are We Jewelboxing?” week and today’s is terrific if we do say so ourselves. Unfortunately, although we’d really like to, we can’t tell you anything about it. Here’s the scoop, with self-censorship at all times:

“Every now and again, Coudal Partners gets contacted to help CENSORED major CENSORED. Recently, we got a call from CENSORED who asked us to CENSORED for a possible CENSORED, hopefully in the near future. We spent a few weeks thinking of CENSORED and came up with a really strong CENSORED that we thought they’d love. In addition to the CENSORED we also CENSORED and CENSORED. And when we were all finished with everything, we packaged it all together in a Jewelboxing case with a might nice, super simple and clean design by Dawson, and sent it off. With these things, we’re never sure if our CENSORED will CENSORED, but here’s to CENSORED!”

Apologies for having to keep quiet, but this was a hush-hush job. As reconciliation, we’re certain they’d be more than happy to show you all the wonderful things they’re making in Forest Hills, Phillipsburg, Marina Del Rey, Naples, New York, Washington, Roswell, Metuchen, Yonkers, Walworth, Santa Ana, Astoria, San Juan, Denver, Beaconsfield, Villette, and Portchester.