What Are We Jewelboxing: Day Two

Continuing with our weeklong series of the stuff we’ve been putting together using Jewelboxing here in the studio recently, today we’re taking a look at a side project of Steve Delahoyde’s:

“My good pal Wakiza and I have been making these weird little short films for years and, along with commercials and music videos and everything in between, we’ve amassed a huge collection of this stuff. A year or so back, we’d put together a DVD of everything we had, but it was in an ugly, standard case and we weren’t entirely thrilled with it. So come back around to this past week, we were going to be a part of the popular Funny Ha-Ha series again here in Chicago, and I thought that it would provide the impetus to try building a collection again and see if anyone would buy such a thing. Unfortunately, I came up with the idea on Saturday and the event was on Wednesday night. So I had to alter my plan of attack. Instead, I put together a ‘Best Of’ DVD, with forty or so pieces on it. I animated some menus, picked material that had always worked well with large audiences, and took photos around the house to use in the packaging. I’d used Jewelboxing before, of course, but not a whole lot with my own material, and I’ve always been more of a writer than a designer. But once I had the first case together, I honestly was surprised at how good it looked. ‘People might actually but this thing,’ I thought. And it turns out, they did.”

We know that people will come in droves to buy whatever they’re selling in Toronto, the Bronx, Orlando, Austin, South Haven, Liverpool, London, Edison, Athens, Fairfax, Montague, Calgary, Minneapolis, New York, McLean, Rialto, Baldwin Harbor, Lakewood, Ellington, San Francisco, Joplin, Lynnwood, Okemos, Ottawa, Mississauga, Parma, Pacifica, Williams Lake, and Dublin.