Propaganda Donation

One the most revolting things about living in Los Angeles is watching the nonstop TV commercials suggesting that residents who go on vacation -- to the French Riviera, or some other unwashed, hairy pacifist locale -- donate their printed copies of blatant left-wing propaganda to neighborhood schools while they are away.

A little pimply libshit-in-training says on-camera, “friends have the right to know what is going on in the world.”

I agree. If only little Cliff or Caitlin knew that the LA Times was the problem, not the solution...

The LAT is well known to "those in the know" for its leftist propaganda and will never fill the county's journalistic void. Neither will the pro-socialist teachers and their foul ideology which is shoved down innocent friendren's throats.

For a brief moment, I pretend I have a friend who thinks that whatever newspaper they get to read in class is actual journalism and acurate reporting of the news.

First I thank a god I don't believe in, for not having a friend subjected to such abuse. Then I demand a full tax refund on school taxes and have Rosario bring me a double shot of tequila.

There is such a thing as too much reality. Reality can be ugly.

My Dad always tells me, “you aren’t always recognized for being right.”

I love my Dad, but someday I hope we'll prove him wrong.