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A few weeks ago I was talking to a woman from London at the pool. She remarked at how out of touch she felt with the world during her 1 month stay in Lost Angeles.

"Your news organizations don't cover much at all of world news. Americans don't seem to care about anyone but themselves."

While I knew she was partially right, I also explained why she was wrong. The US is a very large country, much larger than the UK. And I rattled off a list of news organizations from abroad that most tech-savvy people haunt on a daily basis. But of course Ma and Pa Kettle in North Dakota are on dial up and find AOL terribly confusing when and if they can connect.

Today however, I think she's right, in a different way. And it pains me. Steve said it and I concur -- I'm shocked at the lack of outrage over the London terrorist attacks on the innerwreck today.

And if anything fuels the blawg world, it's outrage.

The mainstream media is covering it, however most of the coverage I've caught was about how this would affect the stock markets tomorrow. And wild speculation on what it means for us here in the Homeland.

Being a night owl I heard "Terrorists Attack London" early in the morning Pacific time and a chill ran down my spine. And not simply because I have family living there -- thankfully they are fine.

A family member of mine from London relayed that 1) she was only surprised it took this long to get hit and 2) that one of the stations bombed was in a highly Muslim neighborhood.

Aaron and I were chatting just the other day about how terrifying these radicals are and how the world is not doing enough -- and I suspect the choice of stations just goes to show their utter disrespect for anything and everything. Even their own.

Thankfully Tony Blair isn't a pansy and unlike the atrocious example set forth by Spain, he is not planning on giving the terrorists what they want.

As for those who are desensitized, or the tree-humping peacenik leftists who look at this as a reason to stop the war on terror, I extend my middle finger in your general direction.

This was not an attack on London, this is another attack on civilization.

UPDATE: Here is a partial summary of some Bear Flag League member's reactions. Phew! Very glad to see this sort of thing.

Andrea Harris, who scolded me earlier for this post also has a spirited link roundup. Good on her. (Bad on the commenter who brings up the time my cat almost died...a few bombings in London merits mention of Bentley's infected ass?) Uh huh.

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