Moxie fighter

During my unintentional hiatus, lots of people have emailed me about my pal Penn (of Penn & Teller) naming his friend Moxie Crimefighter.

For the record, my middle name is LibshitFighter. And although it was discussed in the deep recesses of my warped mind, I am not the godmother of Penn's little bundle of Libertarian joy.

Since I may never produce my own Moxie Jr., I'm pleased as punch to see the name passed along within a good family. If not my own, who better than the man who shows that recycling patchouli bottles is worse for the environment than tossing your craptastic bottles and cans into the plain old fashioned trash bin.

In the event that I find a man willing to bear a right wing it, and he passes along the X chromosome -- my daughter will be named Moxie DickCheney. Or Moxie Halliburton.